What is Snippet?


What is Snippet?

The word “snippet” sounds like a technical word for the people who are new to the internet marketing. But it’s a very easy and simple concept to understand.

As per the Google dictionary, the word snippet means, “a small piece or brief extract.”

 what is snippet

In the internet world, the word snippet has the same sense, “a small piece of information for the users of search engine”.

The snippet is the first impression of a web page. It helps the searchers to know about the web page he is going to be open. The Snippet includes a short information about the web page such as web-page description, title, and the URL. The Snippet displays on SERPs without getting inside to the website. It presents the small previews of the web page on SERPs.

We searched for a query on google and the first result on google SERP, the pageshout.com, contains the snippet about the page you are going to open.

What is snippet
In the above example, the snippet contains the three information about the pageshout.com webpage:

1.     Webpage title: What is WordPress, How to use it and its Common functions.

2.     Webpage URL: www.pageshout.com/what-is-wordpress/

3.     Webpage Description: ‘WordPress is a web-based application to create and edit a website. … PageShout.com is a platform created to share knowledge and research …’

How to Create Snippet?

You can design the snippet of your webpage using the Yoast SEO plugin. It helps you to create the snippet as per the guidelines of search engine. The snippet is the crucial factor to rank on google SERPs as it is the first impression of the webpage.
Snippet helps the author of the website to attract visitors. Therefore you should create the Rich snippet for your webpage.

What is Rich Snippet?

When some additional/rich information is added to the basic snippet called as Rich Snippet. This rich information is the addition to the basic snippet. The basic snippet would be unaffected.

For example, a separate tab/schema added to display the customers rating.

What is rich snippet

How to create a Rich Snippet?

The rich snippets are created through programming languages. The most common coding used for creating a rich snippet are Microdata & JSON-LD. If you are familiar with programming languages you can visit the schema.org to create different types of rich snippet for your web pages such as aggregate rating, review, aggregate offer and so on.

what is snippet

Snippet for Paid Ads:

Google AdWords helps the advertisers to create the separate snippet for paid ads on Google, which is called as ‘Ad format’ to display the Google paid advertisements. Google AdWords offers a variety of features to create a unique snippet for your paid ads. You can you add extensions to create your ads more attractive for the customers.

paid ads snippet



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