Search Engine Marketing/SEM in Digital Marketing?


What is Search Engine Marketing/SEM in Digital Marketing?

The word search engine marketing (SEM) itself explain the meaning of search engine marketing, the marketing on search engines like google, bing etc. SEM is a method of online marketing where we use search engines to advertise our business, products or services. The advertisers pay to the search engine companies to show their ads on their search engines like google and bing. Google also helps the advertisers to display their ads on other websites. Search engine marketing is a paid online marketing method where you pay to the search engine to display the ads on SERPs. Whereas the SEO(Search engine optimization) is a free method of marketing on search engine where the websites gain the top ranking using some tools and techniques of website optimization as per the rules of the search engine.

Online Paid marketing is a wide concept which not only deals with the advertisement on search engines, but it also deals with other online paid networks to advertise your business. Such as youtube, mobile app, other websites etc.

Use of Search Engine Marketing(SEM)/Online Paid Marketing

It’s very easy concept to understand that why we are paying to various search engines to advertise our business even though we have an awesome free method of marketing .i.e. SEO.

Here we need to do some comparison between SEO and SMM:

Reason 1

Generally, SEO takes 3-4 months of time to rank your website on search engine. However, in paid marketing, you pay a budgeted amount to Google and your advertisement will be on the top within 1-2 hours of time. You will start getting leads and visitors unless your budgeted amount will be exhausted. In case you are looking for immediate leads, SEM is the best way to generate leads online.

Reason 2

The second reason to use the paid marketing is the level of competition in the market. Every company whether it’s a small scale or large scale, want to generate business either online or offline. In today’s market scenario it’s very difficult to survive for small businesses in offline marketing, which require huge amount investment to compete with big brands. However, online paid marketing is a systematic method of marketing where every business gets the opportunity to advertise on search engine with minimal investment as per their needs.

Reason 3

Refer to the below screenshot, which would help you to understand the use of paid marketing.

The results appeared on the image for the keyword ‘online php course’, clearly shows that there are 4 advertisers paying for the advertisement related to php courses to appear on the top of Google SERP. However, the organic/SEO results are visible after the paid results

what is search engine marketing in digital marketing

Reason 4

The Fourth reason to use the paid marketing is to achieve the business goals in a systematic manner. Every business has two major goals, generate leads and brand awareness. For both these two goals to achieve, the search engine marketing is an awesome tool. Generating leads is directly related to the direct marketing campaign, where the primary goal is to reach to the customers who are interested to buy the products or services via search engines. Whereas the second goal is to promote business or products, which is related to the brand awareness campaign. The fulfillment of each goal is based on the various factors such as the size of organization, type of business model, the location of organization etc. For example, if the organization operates from some specific locations the primary goal to generate leads in more important. For small-scale businesses, the primary motive is to generate leads. They would not spend money on brand awareness.

Based on the Goals of the business, you can choose all or any of these paid marketing strategies to advertise the business on Google SERPs or on to other websites:


  1. PPC Campaign – PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’, which is a terminology used in online paid marketing for calculating the value/cost of a single click by the search user on paid advertisements shown on various search engines.what is search engine marketing in digital marketingIn case the search user clicks on any of the 4 paid ads a specific amount would be deducted from the advertiser budget specified on Google Adwords.
  2. Shopping Ads-The product ads displayed on the top of the Google SERPs come under shopping ads. search engine marketing in digital marketingIf an e-commerce company wants to sell their products on Google SERP they need to create the shopping campaigns under Google Adwords. For example, if the Flipkart want to sell any of its products via Google search results they need to create ads in Google AdWords under shopping ads campaign. In shopping ads, the advertiser pay to the Google for every click by the search user.
  3. Display Ads-Under the display ads campaigns Google shows the advertisements of one website on to the other websites. The website can use display ads campaign to generate the leads or to promote brand engine marketing in digital marketing
  4. Videos Marketing-The short video displayed on the youtube or on to other websites comes under videos marketing strategy. Google helps the advertiser to display their video ads on youtube or other website using the video marketing engine marketing/sem in digital marketing
  5. Mobile Marketing-The advertisement shows on the mobile and mobile applications, comes under mobile engine marketing/sem in digital marketing
  6. Remarketing Campaign-Under remarketing campaigns Google display the ads on other websites for the products or services for which the customer has already shown his interest.




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