What is Off Page Optimization?


What is Off Page Optimization/SEO & How to do it?

In one sentence, Off Page optimization/SEO is the process of getting the back-links from the other websites to gain the good ranking on SERP.

Let’s understand the need of On Page Optimization.

As you know, the SEO means is to optimize the website as per the rules and guidelines of the search engine to gain the good ranking on SERP. The On Page SEO and Off Page SEO are the two main components of SEO. You need to add both the components into your blog or website to build a strong foundation on Google SERPs. In my blog post on “How to do the SEO for blog or website, I have already mentioned that Google uses more than 200+ factors/rules to rank a website. These 200+ rules/factors are the on page and off page optimization factors of Google to rank a website on SERP. The rule of link building comes under off page optimization.

Follow the SEO rules to provide the relevant information to the search user, not to the search engine.

Why to take the back-links from other websites as per Off Page SEO?

There are thousands of webpage are struggling on the internet to get the top ranking on Google SERP for a specific query. However, Google gives the top position to only those websites follow all the Google guidelines. Back-linking is one of the major guideline of the Google to determine the rank of a webpage. Assume, 50 WebPages are competing with each other to get under top 10 ranking and all these 50 webpages following all the on page seo factors. Then the Google has the second tool to analyze the webpage quality .i.e off page optimization. In off page optimization Google counts the back-links as references given by other websites. The webpage which has the maximum number of back-links from other website gains the top ranking on Google SERP.

Why Google use references/back-links to rank a webpage?

As I mentioned in last paragraph, that back links are counted as references. So the question is why references count as back-links? These references are the recommendations given by a website to another webpage or website. Everyone knows the meaning of recommendation. A website gives the recommendation for other website only if it has some valuable content or information on it. So Google counts these references as vote for other website.

How Google determines the value a link?

Google use various factors or internal programs to determine the value of a back link. However, the three main factors are DA, PA and PR. The DA stands for Domain Authority, PA stands for Page Authority and PR stands for Page Rank. The DA and PA are ranges from 0 to 100. However, the PR ranges from 0 to 10. You can check the PA and DA of the page using moz toolbar. The PR would not be available as, it has been disabled by Google.

Shall I take the back links blindly or without any check?

Now you know Google use PA and DA to determine the value of a link. So the links from the websites with HIGH PA and DA are considered as s high-value link. It does not mean that you can take the back-links for thousand of websites having low PA and DA to boost your ranking in case you didn’t get the links from the good websites. As per the Google penguin Algorithm, it is considered as spam. So you need to take the back-links in an intelligent manner. The natural links are considered as high-quality back-links because these are the real recommendations by other websites.

Further, you need to check whether a website is providing the Do-Follow link or No-Follow link. Do follow links are high-value links. However, you also need to take the No Follow links as well. Click here to know about Do-follow and No-follow links.

What are natural backlinks?

When a website adds the link of your webpage in their post or articles as a reference, considered as natural back links. The website adds the link of your website as a reference because it contains some valuable information on it.

How to check the count of back links?

You can use Google search console to check the number of back-links you have received or added on your website or blog. Here you will get the count as well as the name of the website giving the links to your website.

How to generate the links?

There are many ways to generate the back-links from other website. On Google search, you will get the list the thousands of websites providing the paid and unpaid back-links. You need to take the intelligent decision prior to taking a back-link as the Google penguin algorithm might affect your ranking.

  1. Local Listing

    what is local listing in off page optimizationYou can add your website link in local listing websites. These websites will not only provide you the back links but also helps you to generate the leads from local customers. If you are operating any business within local reach, you should add your business in these websites to attract the customers. Google itself gives the importance to the local businesses. They updated their pigeon algorithm to give the boost to local results. Some of the local listing websites where you can add your business and website links.

    • Google business listing
    • Justdial.com
    • Sulekha.com
    • Justdial.com
    • Canpages.ca
    • Manta.com
  2. Online Directory Submission

    what is directory submission in off page optimization or seoThe Online directory is a place where you would find the businesses under defined categories. These directories are created to find the particular business in an easy way. Now a day the concept of online directory has been demolished due to the advancement in search engines. You would find all the relevant information on Google just by entering some keywords. However, we can still register our business in these directories to gain the back links. On the internet, you can find a huge list of directory website where you can submit your website link. Some of the websites are bizjournals.com, yellowee.com, showmelocal.com, Dmoz.org, Searchtheweb.com, yahoo directory, yellowpages.indiamart.com etc

    Always remember, submit the website under the right category to avoid spam linking. Suppose you have the business of online marketing, you can submit your business under internet marketing category

  3. Profile Submissionwhat is profile submission in off page optimization or seoIn profile submission websites you can create your personal as well as business profile to get a link. Some of the popular profile submission websites are en.gravatar.com, crunchbase.com, about.me, hotfrog.in, quora.com, addons.mozilla.org etc.
  4. Submit Reviews and Rating

    what is reviews and rating in off page optimization or seoSubmit the reviews and rating for other businesses or website to create your own website visibility. People review the comment and rating submitted by you. It creates the image of your brand in the user mind. Some of the popular profile submission websites are,google.com en.gravatar.com, crunchbase.com, about.me, hotfrog.in, quora.com, addons.mozilla.org etc.

  5.  Document Sharing


    what is document sharing in off page optimization or seoYou can share the documents related to your business on various online portals. This would not only help you to create the brand awareness of your business but also able to generate some back-links and traffic for your website. For example, on SlideShare, you can upload the presentations related to the benefits of the products and services you are offering. People who are searching on Google for the kind of product or services you are dealing with might get landed onto the SlideShare results on Google SERP. Some of the quality websites where you can upload your business documents are SlideShare, Google Drive etc

  6. Social Bookmarking

    what is social bookmarking in off page optimizationSocial bookmarking is similar to the bookmarking on the web browsers. The difference is, the bookmarking on the web browser is for personal purpose and the social bookmarking is created socially or publically.  Some popular and quality social bookmarking websites are Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Propeller, rediit.co, pinteerest.com. etc

  7. Join Forums

    what is forums in off page optimizationYou can join the forums and communities to answer the questions asked by the people related to your niche. You would not only get the backlinks but alos gain the strong brand visibiltiy amount the people. If you are posting the good answers with valid facts and refereces, people will like your answer, share your answer on socail networking platfroma and visit the your website to learn new things related to your niche. Some of the poplular foums portal where you can create your profiel are quoro.com, yahoo answers.com, digitalpoint.com, google community etc.

  8. Blogging and Blog Commenting-

    what is bloggingYou can write on other blogging websites like as tumbler.com, blogger.com etc to attract the traffic  and to get the backlinks from these blogging websites. You can also post the comments on the blogs created by other bloggers. Some of the popular blogging websites are socialbeat.in, wordpress.com, tumblr.com, blogs.com and blogger.com.

  9. Guest Blogging

    what is guest bloggingWhen you write the blog on other blogs and websites are called as Guest Blogging. To become a guest blogger you need to write the high-quality blog to publish on popular bloggers website. You need to create the blog as per the guidelines of the guest blogging website. Guest blogging is treated as a quality method of back linking. In return of your blog you will get the back-link and as well as a visibility on other websites to attract the traffic.

  10. Article Submission

    what is article submissionYou can submit the article on article submission websites to gain the backlinks. However, you need to be careful in getting the backlinks from these websites as Google can mark this a spamming technique of backlinking.

  11. Press Release Submission

    what is press release submissionYou have some information related to your business niche and want to circulate publically as news then you can publish it on press release websites. You can mention the name of your website or blog to attract visitors and backlinks towards your website. You can do the press release onprweb.com, pressweb.com etc


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