Keywords in Digital Marketing


What is Keywords & Keyword Research in Digital Marketing?

What are keywords in Digital marketing?

This post is particularly created for the people who are new into the digital marketing or internet marketing and just heard the word keywords. In this post, you will learn, the use of phrase KEYWORDS in digital marketing.

In digital marketing, “The keywords are the words or phrases, which people are searching in search engines”.

Keywords are the most vital element of digital marketing. You need to know what people are searching for a particular query. Unless you will not know what people are searching, you will not be able to rank for any query in Google.

keywords in digital marketing

As an internet marketer, you need to create a list of target keywords based on the topic of web page through proper keyword research. Target keyword should be added at various places of the web page. For example, you are targeting the keyword “digital marketing courses”, you need to add this keyword on your website page on various places as per the rules of on-page SEO.

What is keyword Research in Digital marketing?

To understand the meaning and importance of keywords research in digital marketing, first you need to look at the basics of SEO.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing/customizing the website as per the rules and guidelines of the search engine to gain the top ranking on SERPs.

The process of SEO includes two major parts;

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On-Page SEO includes the optimization inside (on) the web page. That is why it is called as on page optimization. On-Page optimization includes various things such as content optimization, title optimization, URL optimization, meta tags, focus keywords etc. For all these, you need the keywords based on the web page topic. The selected keyword needs to be repeated inside the content, for content optimization.

The keyword research is the primary and most vital part of SEO. First, you need to decide the topic for which you want to achieve the ranking on Google. After that, you need to collate the keywords through keyword research process.

Now it would be easy for you to understand the process of keyword research.

“Keyword research is the process of finding, analyzing and grouping of similar keywords; people are searching in search engines”.


“The process of finding the best suitable keywords for the web page based on the web-page topic”.

Therefore, Keyword research is not only finding the words or keywords, but also includes, analyzing and grouping of keywords needed for your webpage.

People are searching for different keywords for a single query. There are millions of people who want to buy shoes online. Some of these might be entering the keywords “shoe online” and some other are entering “buy shoes online” and so on to buy the shoes online. You cannot focus all the keywords on a single webpage. You need to create the list of keywords based on the topic of your webpage.

The keyword research is not a small process. It includes series of steps to follow:

Brainstorming– Create a rough list of keywords based on below factors taking into mind:

What is the business goal?

First, you need to understand the goal of the business for which you need to do the keyword analysis. Are you offering any service or selling products online?  Are your creating brand awareness?  Have you started a blog and want to write a blog post?

What is target Area?

Second, you need to decide the geographical areas of the business you want to target. If your business has the reach to a particular area only, it needs to be highlighted in your keyword research. On the other, if the company does not want to target any specific location that should also be highlighted in keyword planning. For example, you have the business of providing repair services within Delhi NCR excluding Noida. Then we need to find the list of keywords people searching in Delhi NCR for repair but excluding Noida location.

Who is Target Audience?

You need to decide your targeted audience as well. Whether you want to target male population or female population? What would be the age of your targeted audience? Etc.

Product Categorization

In this step, you need to create the list of all the product and services offered by the company online. If the company has the business of selling mobile phone online, then you need to create the list of all mobile phones with their sub-categories. For example, the company is selling apple phones than you need to create the list of all models of apple phone like Apple i phone 5, iphone 5C, iphone 5S and  sub category would be iphone 5 16gb, iphone 32 gb, iphone 5S 16gb, iphone 5S 32 gb and so on.

keywords research in digital marketing

After the brainstorming of keywords, you would have a big list of keywords for you web-page topic. You need to select the best suitable keywords for your topic from these multiple keywords using the below techniques:

Volume Analysis

The volume is the number of people searching for the particular keyword in Google search. Google keyword planner can help you to know the search volume of a particular keyword. You should add only those keywords into your SEO plan which have the sufficient number of searches in a month. For example, you found a keyword with only 20 searches per month. Then it would not be beneficial to target the keywords, which has 20 searches only.

Competition Analysis

Competition analysis is one of the major element of keyword research. In competition analysis process, you need to check the difficulty level of a particular keyword. You need to analyze the competition on each keyword separately.  You can use various tools to analyze the competition on your selected keywords. The MOZ tool is a paid tool to check the difficulty of a keyword. However, you can also do the manual competition analysis using PA and DA of a webpage. For this, you need to add MOZ toolbar in your web browser to view the PA and DA of a webpage. Then you need to enter each keyword separately in google search box and view the results to compare. The lesser the PA and DA of the other websites page, it would be easy to target the particular keyword. Generally, the website with PA and DA less than 50 can be easily beatable.

Implementation of keywords on web-page-After competition analysis you have the best suitable keywords to target on your web-page. You need to add the targeting keywords on various places of your webpage to achieve the ranking on Google.

  1. URL of the page
  2. Title of the page
  3. Meta description
  4. Content of the Page
  5. Meta keywords
  6. Focus keywords
  7. Image-Alt text
  8. Anchor text

Keyword Research for Paid Advertisement:

Keyword research is not only required for SEO, but it also needed for Google paid advertising campaigns. Google keywords planner is developed by Google, primarily for selecting the paid keywords for the advertisement on Google networks.



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