How to do Heading Optimization in SEO?


How to do Heading Optimization in SEO?

The concept of heading optimization in SEO is similar to the headings of a specific topic in a book. Every topic in the book has one main heading and 4-5 subheadings to grab the interest of the reader.

what is heading optimization in seo

Heading optimization is one of the major part of SEO. You should define the headings for your post or content on your blog or website to enable the reader to understand the flow of the content.

Every post on the blog must have one main heading and 5 subheadings. The target keyword must be included in the main heading (h1) of the post.  Google index the webpage based on the heading and content of the post. The target keywords must also be included in the content, 2-6% of the total content as content optimization factor. Google indexer looks for the similar words within the content which are added in the main heading.

Headings are created in website using below html code format.

<h1>  mention heading 1 </h1>

<h2>  mention heading 2 </h2>

<h3>  mention heading 3 </h3>

<h4>  mention heading 4 </h4>

<h5>  mention heading 5 </h5>

<h6>  mention heading 6 </h6>

These codes are not visible to the reader or visitor of the website. However, anyone can inspect the heading on a webpage by following below steps. For better understanding, we are taking the example of the Post “what is snippet” written on

Step 1: Go to any website.


Step 2: Open any post in the website for which you want to inspect the headings.

Either directly go through website or use the URL for the post “what is snippet” .i.e

Step 3 : Select the heading, “What is Snippet” highlighted in below image

What is heading optimization and how to do it


Step 4 : Right mouse click on the highlighted section:

heading optimization and how to do it


Step 5 : Then click on Inspect option

Coding would be visible used to define the main heading .i.e h1

how to inspect heading optimization

If you are blogging on WordPress, you do not need to learn any code. You can define the heading easily from WordPress itself. The option to define the headings is available on the top of the content area. The default option would be available as Paragraph. You can change it to heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, heading 4, heading 5, heading 6 and preformatted as per your requirement.

heading optimization in wordpress

For SEO purpose, there should be only one main heading(heading 1) in a single post and subheadings can be multiple in the foam of heading 2, heading 3, heading 4, heading 5, heading 6. However, you should define the headings in a logical manner.



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