What is Google Knowledge Graph


What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Knowledge graph algorithm launched by Google in May’ 2012 to improve the search results based on the knowledge of particular information.

This algorithm analyzes the data collected by Google crawler and categorize based on the knowledge on real people, places, and things. It creates the connected information related to these people, place, and things & displays the answer on the top of the result page in a very detailed and organized way.
It helps the user to improve the knowledge by showing the auto-generated queries. It creates the queries/connections based on real queries search by the people on Google. You are not required to go to multiple websites to get the answer to your next questions.You will get the answer instantly on the top of the page with connected questions.
For example, you search for the keyword “America Population,” Google knowledge graph tells you the America’s current population and will also display the auto-generated queries related to America population.

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