How to choose a domain name for blog or website?


How to choose a domain name for blog or website?

Domain name is an important factor to rank on Google. It is the name of your blog or online business. In today’s market scenario every business should have a website as an online identity of the business. Unless you will attach the domain name to your website, the website solely has no use. You need to add your domain name and hosting to your website to go online. The domain is the first step towards your online presence.

If you are planning to buy a domain name for your blog or website, go through the below points before hitting the buy now option:

how to choose a domain name for blog or website

  1. Define Your Niche

    The domain name should define your blog niche. For example, you are planning to start a blog on food, you can choose the domain name as, etc. In case you have started a business of selling cakes online then the domain name can be,,, etc. The domain name should itself expresses the business objective.

  2. Easy to Remember

    It should be easy to remember. The domains like,, are very easy to remember. However the domains like, are difficult to remember. You can also choose domain names such as, or etc. These are very easy to remember.

  3. Domain Extension

    The domain with county extension provides the additional benefit if you are only targeting a specific country.  For example, the domains like, are easy to rank in India as these are India specific domains.

  4. Domain Age

    Older domains names always have high value. The domains which purchased a long time ago provide the additional benefit in ranking. In case you are planning to buy a new domain name buy it for a long period.

  5. Avoid low-quality domains

    Do not buy the odd or low-quality domains such as These domains are very difficult to rank on Google. It has no value and very difficult to find on Google.

  6. Domain length

    The maximum length of the domain should be maximum 16 characters. The long domain names are difficult to type and remember.

  7. Brand Sound

    The name of the domain sounds like a brand name to attract the visitors. Such as, and so on.

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