Automatic Payment Program in SAP


How to Configure/Implement Automatic Payment Program in SAP ECC6


Automatic payment program is a configuration in SAP to make the payments to multiple vendors automatically via T-CODE, F110.

In SAP we can make the payment to vendor, either manually using T-CODE F-53 or automatically using F110.

For manual payment we do not need to configure any payment program in SAP. However, for automatic payment program we need to implementation certain steps in FBZP.


Step for Automatic Payment Program :

    1. Go to T-CODE FBZP and click on All Company CodesT-CODE FBZP


  1. New Entries3. Fill company code in company code field, sending company code field and paying company code field. We have only one company code. So, ONGC is paying for ONGC only. In case company has 2 or more company codes, than we need to enter Sending company code for the company code making the payment on behalf of paying company code.

4. Now go back and click on Paying Company Code

5. New Entries : Fill company code in paying co. code

6. Save and Go Back to FBZP screen. Click on Pmnt methods in country to define payment method. Click on new entry and fill the required details.

7. Save and double click on currencies allowed.

8. Go to new entries and enter the currency.

9.Go back and click on Pmnt methods in company code

10. Go to new entries and fill the required details :

11. Save and Go back. Click on house bank to define the house bank for Automatic payments

12.Select the company code as your company code and press enter




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